About Us

A-Element is the first rate air cooling system developed for Pre, post and During the laser treatment without interfering the laser beam emission. A-Element is designed for reducing pains, redness, swelling and thermal damages caused by laser treatment, Intense Light (IPL) treatment and Radio frequency (RF) treatment.

A-Element Makes the best performances:

1. Laser hair removal by diode laser, IPL, Long pulse Nd:yag laser or alexandrite laser.

2. Radio frequency High frequency skin rejuvenation treatments.

3. Temporary anesthesia before injections

4. Feature of A-Element system

5. Powerful cooling air temperature (-20C)

6. High power compressor makes the system work for long time continuously (Lowest temperature can keep 2 hours under 4 level fan speed)

7. High speed fans makes air emitting strong for better cooling result, 6 degree cooling fan speeds for various treatment.

8. Self defrosting system for best cooling performance

9. Self water drainage system make safe and cleaning performance 10. Fuse supporter make the procedure comfortable